WiFi in retail banks

Smoother, more productive banking on UK high streets.

Technology has revolutionised the finance sector, just as it has with so many other industries.
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Emily Almond

High street banks are always seeking ways to be more productive and improve customer service. WiFi has the power to change the way banks conduct meetings, interact with customers and maintain meeting room schedules.

Footloose workforces

In the ‘Heart of House’ (staff-only) areas in branch and in admin offices, corporate WiFi allows management and their employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Meetings across branches become more time and cost-efficient when VoIP services can be used. For instance, it’s no longer an issue if a director in Australia or the US needs to be involved in a discussion with management in the UK.

Similarly, a member of staff whose role requires them to spend time in different branches around the country (like an area manager) will need to be connected wherever they are.

In administrative offices, meeting room and hot desk space is always a challenge. Corporate WiFi gives staff more flexibility to work securely, accessing corporate email, folders, calendars and more.

Providing a better service

In attempts to reduce queuing times, many banks have taken to serving customers as soon as they walk through the door. Armed with tablets, staff can access the network-stored files and information they need to help people.

We’re also seeing more self-service terminals that customers can use to complete online banking tasks and find the information they need quickly and securely.

WiFi for the public

Customers often expect to stay connected while queueing and banking. The chance to rearrange finances and make transfers while waiting to speak to a clerk can be beneficial for everyone.

With this in mind, WiFi can help to boost visitor satisfaction, leaving your customers happier to return for more help or services. Plus, it improves flow of customers.

Virgin WiFi

We can provide a fully managed end-to-end service, including all aspects of design, kit and connectivity, or we can provide an ‘overlay’ service, including select components, using your connectivity and/or kit.