Connectivity in property development

With the UK’s population growing by around 500,000 a year, pressure is building on the country’s property industry to meet rising demand.

Every building is different, and we appreciate some can present challenges when it comes to delivering connectivity.
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Emily Almond

More people inevitably means more businesses, and it’s down to developers to provide homes and headquarters for all.

It’s not enough to simply erect new towers and estates without any further thought. Occupants’ evolving needs must be considered and, at present, one of the most pressing of these needs is undoubtedly connectivity.

Connectivity is crucial

No longer is connectivity just a luxury used to entice people into high street coffee shops and local pubs; it’s an essential feature that fuels productivity for organisations of all kinds. It’s essential to the behind-the-scenes operations of so many companies and makes more cost-effective, streamlined communication possible.

It’s for this reason that WiFi and cellular services should be high on developers’ priority lists, and on par with all other obvious amenities.

From the beginning

As the importance of connectivity has grown and the range of telecommunications technology has diversified beyond basic telephone lines, it’s been necessary to upgrade buildings across the country, making them compatible with the demands of modern consumers. Which is an expensive way to do things.

Developers are in the unique position of being able to plan ahead, and doing so properly is the only way to keep costs low and long-term revenues high. WiFi and cellular infrastructure should be accounted for at the project’s earliest stages, taking similar precedence to water, electricity and gas supplies.

By prioritising this from day one, you avoid budgeting issues further down the line. You also increase your property’s value in the minds of prospective tenants; they can move in knowing the building is truly ready, whether it’s being used for residential or commercial purposes.

Overcoming challenges

Every building is different, and we appreciate some can present challenges when it comes to delivering connectivity. The make-up of larger structures like apartment blocks and business centres, for instance, can involve materials that prevent signals from reaching people and their devices inside. In this instance, we might look to install the necessary infrastructure within the structure itself.

Our extensive experience allows us to work in an agile way, and means we’re ready to overcome the obstacles at which other providers would stumble.

Work with Virgin WiFi

We’re already trusted by the developers behind some of the most high-profile projects in the UK, including Canary Wharf. The reason is simple: we know our stuff.

No other telecommunications infrastructure provider can match Virgin WiFi’s experience – we’ve been delivering effective WiFi and cellular solutions for years, and it shows.

However, these are just two small parts of a much bigger technology puzzle. Our position at the forefront of the UK’s IoT revolution helps as well. This flexibility means we can advise on and provide the solutions best suited to your project.

We build agnostic systems, ready for the future

Technology is evolving at an alarming pace. As we move forward we expect the importance of connectivity to continue growing. We also anticipate the convergence of WiFi and cellular systems, delivering better consistency and greater speeds for all.

Virgin WiFi’s understanding of the technologies we use is unrivalled. It means we can support you on the whole journey – instead of just providing a solution ready for the present and leaving you to pick up the pieces when it inevitably becomes redundant.

What’s more, our solutions are completely agnostic. We have no allegiances to other telecoms providers; we pride ourselves on being the UK’s largest neutral-host vendor. This means the cellular system we install in your venue can be used by any of the major network providers to deliver their services. Every customer of every provider is catered for.

The Virgin WiFi experience

Our goal through all of this is to deliver the best possible customer experience, and achieving that begins on day one. We’ll advise on what technologies you’d benefit from and where they’ll need to be set up. We can then help you get the most out of your investment throughout the installation and beyond, by being on hand to help at all times.

As times change, so too do our solutions. We build systems ready for the future, and we’re always ready to adapt to your needs and circumstances.

To learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with our experts today.