WiFi for pubs and restaurants

Pub and restaurant customers expect access to the internet at all times. And – just as importantly – they don’t want to pay for it.

Meeting customer demand for on-premises WiFi
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Emily Almond

A strong, speedy and secure connection isn’t just of benefit to consumers though. WiFi helps the hospitality sector to enhance customer experience, increase dwell time and improve customer insights.

Meeting customer demand for on-premises WiFi

Today, many consumers will actively avoid locations that don’t provide seamless internet connectivity. It’s become so essential to the pub and restaurant experience that customers will vote with their feet if WiFi isn’t offered – and often voice their dissatisfaction on social media or review sites in the process. As such, the ability to provide WiFi access is now less of a positive differentiator and more of a ‘must-have’ service that companies can scarcely do without.

A pint, a sandwich and the internet

Once the focal point of communities, pubs operate today in a much more competitive marketplace. This means pub owners and landlords need to find ingenious ways of attracting customers, or risk sitting empty for long periods each day.

Good internet access is one way to achieve this

For example, footfall can be increased outside traditional meal times by using WiFi to offer new products and attract varying customer groups throughout the day. Pubs could draw parents on the school run looking for a morning coffee and a place to catch up, whilst restaurants can use WiFi to attract high-revenue afternoon business meetings during the quiet period between the lunch and dinner rushes.

Collecting valuable data

WiFi isn’t just about creating opportunities for pubs and restaurants to deliver a great customer experience. It’s also about providing a valuable source of data that could completely revolutionise how a venue operates.

By investing in a WiFi backhaul solution, restaurants can use WiFi to manage their tills, inventories and credit card machines. This means information from head office about new product lines or menu changes can be quickly and easily disseminated.

For pubs, WiFi can keep entertainment systems fresh by regularly uploading content to jukeboxes or interactive gaming machines.

By collating demographic information on customers, pubs and restaurants can make subtle changes to their offerings – such as a food menu that better reflects their typical clientele. Other information, such as a customer’s date of birth, allows a pub or restaurant to send birthday offers that can be redeemed when booking a table of four or more, bringing in covers that would likely have gone elsewhere.

A white label WiFi solution

Unlike many of our competitors, Virgin WiFi is white label and brand-agnostic; our customer is the pub or restaurant company. This means the WiFi landing pages are tuned to our customer’s business and reflect its brand and messaging.

Where Virgin WiFi does take ownership is with data security and legality. From a RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) perspective, we take responsibility if authorities want to track individuals who used a WiFi connection for questionable reasons, providing invaluable peace of mind to publicans and restaurateurs.

Easy installation

Although our WiFi solution is more than just a box installed under the bar, we make the process as simple as possible. This involves taking ownership for project managing the installation and liaising with you throughout the process. Before a single wire is unpacked, we survey a site and talk with the publican about the best place for equipment to be positioned. The customer’s wishes are aligned with our technical expertise to identify the best location for our routers, to ensure they are out of the way but still cover the entire site.

A WiFi partner you can rely on 24/7

The right WiFi partner will help you optimise your communications infrastructure and offer insight into best practice solutions.

Virgin WiFi understands food and drink is your area of expertise, not necessarily connectivity. Therefore we don’t expect you, or your staff, to manage our WiFi. We offer a 24/7 call centre, based in the UK, so that pub or restaurant staff and their customers can contact us at any time. We also monitor systems remotely and have the ability to fix certain faults immediately, without having to send an engineer.

This 24-hour network monitoring will give you the assurance of WiFi connectivity whenever your customers need it, day and night.