Connecting conference centres

Creating always-on hubs for businesses.

Conference venues present some unique challenges when it comes to connectivity.
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Emily Almond

Exhibitors and visitors need constant connectivity, not just for stands and presentations, but for their ever-expanding collections of personal devices: their smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables.

Plus, there are behind-the-scenes operations to think about. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly taking hold, so connected appliances and devices are becoming crucial.

More than just WiFi

Talk about connectivity in public places and most people will think of WiFi. But this is only part of a bigger technological puzzle.

Alongside WiFi, we build and run full-scale cellular networks, designed to ensure reliable 3G and 4G connectivity. We did this for London’s ExCel Centre, a venue used by hundreds of thousands of people a year.

Your project, your solution

Our solutions are tailored to you. For instance, we can adapt the logging-on process, either to make it easier for users or so you can harvest more information.

Our customers choose how to monetise their connectivity solutions, too. You could opt to charge users for access, or you might find that a free service paid for through advertising is best.

Lastly, our services aren’t branded – the log-in portal and landing-page URL are left free for you to use.

Different venues call for different solutions. You might need:

WiFi, mobile or a combination

Our mobile solutions work for everyone – not just people on one particular mobile network. You can cater for all.

Help with high footfall

The sheer volume of visitors means networks must be ready to stand up to heavy use without compromising on speed or reliability.

We can advise on what’s best for you, and then build and run it accordingly.